About US 


Welcome to Homemade. Delivered.! 

Homemade. Delivered. is a locally-owned meal delivery service in Springfield, Missouri that offers the freshest in quality foods, juices, and smoothies.  We have built our reputation by offering healthy, nutritional, delicious meals delivered right to your door!  Most of our clients are busy families who want to eat healthy but are too busy to cook, don’t like to cook, or just don’t know how to cook.  Homemade. Delivered. is a healthy, convenient, and fresh alternative to the drive through window.  Our clients find that Homemade. Delivered. saves them time, energy, and money while simplifying their lives.

 Our prepared meals are made fresh for you using the best available ingredients, no preservatives, low sodium, high fiber, good fats, as well as natural and local ingredients whenever possible.

 Our menu changes weekly and the new one will be posted every Tuesday morning and will be taken down at 5pm that same Saturday. 

 We will deliver your order the following Wednesday between 3:00-6:30pm.  Your order will arrive in a thermal bag with chillers to keep everything cold. 

 Our delivery area is a bit limited so, if you do not fall into our area now (we are continually expanding), we also offer PICK-UP service at our kitchen at 1330 E. Cherry St.  We currently deliver to most areas in:  65802, 65804, 65807, 65809, and 65810, Nixa proper and Ozark proper.

 The next time you order from us, just leave the thermal bag (chillers and clean glassware inside) on your porch and we will swap it with your new order or, if it's going to be a couple of weeks, you can go to our website and request a Bag Pick Up.

 We are happy to have you as a new client and we’re looking forward to cooking some delicious, nutritional, and wholesome meals for you and your family!