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The Process

Choose Your Recipes

Our menus are created and available weekly.  Place your order by 5pm on Saturday and we will deliver the following Wednesday.

We Prepare + Deliver

Locally sourced where possible with the freshest ingredients.  Once we’ve properly prepped, we deliver to your door.

You cook + enjoy

Unless you're enjoying one of our fan fav juices or smoothies, we include detailed instructions for meals requiring heating.

Our ingredients

From our garden to our local farmers, we strive to use the freshest ingredients available.  


The Reviews

Everything has been absolutely delicious lately. My husband has been very happy with more of the “comfort” food. Those 2 weeks I screwed up my dates and didn’t order I cooked my usual chicken and veggies and he was not a happy camper.. Haha!

Just wanted you to know we love it all. Also, I hope you know how important your job is. It’s more than making meals. Because of your services I get to spend more time
Playing with my babies and less time in the kitchen. That is a huge blessing!
— Megan
Last year, after surgery, some dear friends wanted to help provide a great meal and turned to Homemade. Delivered. No takeout pizza, no boxed cashew chicken! A roast chicken and vegetables... It was delicious and the best comfort food we could have asked for!
— Lisa and Charley Slavens.
The chicken pot pie was a HUGE hit at our house tonight. Joseph was here too and he and Shawn both ate two giant pieces of it. Yum!!

Joseph said he’s going to have to order from you too. Your description of it being the best pot pie ever was no exaggeration at all!!
— Happy Customer
Two and a half years ago, a great friend gave me the BEST gift for my birthday. It was a delicious dinner and yummy dessert made by Homemade Delivered. It was so good and convenient that we have literally ordered meals every week since then. How NICE it has been to get a weekly menu via email with great meals that can be ordered for the following week. And did I mention that each week this great healthy food was delivered right to my front door?
I jokingly claim it saved my marriage. My husband likes to have good dinners and I don’t like to cook. THIS was an answer to our prayers. We never squabble about dinner anymore and I can be assured he will be satisfied. The meals come fully prepared to either pop in the oven or crock pot.
I go to the grocery store much less often than I used to. No more impulse buying. No more wasted food and money.
I am so satisfied with Homemade Delivered that it is easy for me to recommend this wonderful
service. Try giving it as a gift sometime. You just might change someone’s life like my friend did for me!!
— Sally Reigert

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